MSOT in Vision

An optoacoustic imaging platform for preclinical research

Unique capability: full cross-sectional views, from head to tail

The MSOT inVision is a powerful optoacoustic imaging system for small animal imaging. It acquires cross-sectional images, with high resolution, in vivo and in real time. The unique capability of the MSOT inVision to visualize and quantify optoacoustic contrast throughout the whole animal, from head to tail, makes it a very attractive choice for many scientists. Optionally, ultrasound computed tomography can add further insights.


Technical parameter insight 64 inVision 128 inVision 256-TF inVision 512-echo
Imaging modes Optoacoustic Optoacoustic Optoacoustic Hybrid OPUS
Frame rate – optoacoustic 10 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz 10 Hz
Laser wavelength range 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm 680-980 nm / 660-1300 nm
Peak pulse energy 80 mJ 100 mJ 100 mJ 100 mJ
Detector 127°
64 elements
128 elements
256 elements
Spatial resolution 150 µm 150 µm 150 µm 150 µm
Data acquisition & processing viewMSOT, iLabs viewMSOT, iLabs viewMSOT, iLabs viewMSOT, iLabs

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