RSOM Explorer P50

High-resolution OAI for preclinical research

A mobile cart system for small animal imaging

The RSOM Explorer P50 consists of a compact mobile cart system with a light-tight imaging chamber including a live-view camera for experiment supervision and a heated animal bed with integrated anesthesia supply

Workflow for preclinical RSOM imaging

RSOM utilizes fast laser excitation and high-frequency acoustic detection, thereby providing intrinsic optical tissue contrast with down to 20 µm resolution at several millimeters depth.

While raster-scanning the field of view, a nanosecond pulsed 532 nm laser excites the tissue. The induced ultrasound signal is detected by a broadband transducer with 50 MHz center frequency.


Technical parameter RSOM Explorer P 50
Image acquisition  
Field of view up to 12 x 12 x 3.5 mm
Axial / lateral resolution 10 / 40 µm
Acquisition time 100 sec (6 x 6 mm field of view)
Illumination system  
Wavelength 532 nm
Repetition rate / pulse energy up to 10 kHz / 250 µJ
Pulse width 2.5 ns
Data acquisition & processing  
Center frequency / bandwidth 50 MHz / >100%
Acquisition sampling rate 500 MS/s

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